25 years ago the Perf-it® range of on-press perforating attachments was first introduced on to the market. The range comprises a series of attachments that fit on to the impression cylinder of any litho press to enable perforating, micro perforating, scoring / creasing, slitting and snap apart finishing operations to be carried out simultaneously on the press with the print run.

Being able to print and perforate in one print run is highly cost effective. There is no need for a separate finishing operation to be carried out and no expensive machinery to buy. The various types of rule all fit in exactly the same way on to the impression cylinder of the press and it is a simple matter of fitting the rule; almost as part of the make ready process.

Printers can take on work that may have previously been sent out to a finishing company and no extra staff or new skill set is required to use the products.

Even a quarter of a century later with all the latest developments and new technologies presenting fresh challenges to the modern printing company; the Perf-it range makes economic sense as a solution to bringing various finishing operations in-house

All Perf-it products are available with the cutting edge positioned on the side of the rule - side series
or with the cutting edge positioned in the centre of the rule - centre series


  10ft 20ft
  3.048M 6.096M
Perf-it PAPER 6, 8, 12, 16 teeth

Perf-it CARD 6, 8, 12, 16 teeth

Micro Perf-it PAPER 30, 40, 50 teeth

Micro Perf-it CARD 30 teeth

Score-it PAPER / lightweight CARD

Score-it special HEAVY CARD

Slit-it PAPER

Slit-it CARD

Snap-it PAPER 3 teeth